Beg. Level Qi Gong

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Beginning Level Qi Gong (Studio Version)

Professionally Produced
Qigong Instructional DVD!
Special Thanks to
The Caring Ambassadors
who sponsored the making of Segments #1 thru #3.

This Beginning Level Qigong DVD can be purchased for ONLY $16.00 plus shipping and handling!

Remember!  These exercises are not meant to relpace your involvement with Western Medicine but to COMPLEMENT it!  Check with your physician before attempting any of these exercises.  All Swaying Hands exercises are excellent loosening up or warm up exercises.  Helps to prevent stiffness and achiness in the muscles and joints.
This Slower and more Formal style of qigong illustrates the focus of consciousness in concentrating the placement or guiding of "Chi" with your mind, to improve the cardiovascular system, as well as the physical movement.  Qigong works best, if the practices is considered Holistically (Body/Mind/Spirit).  Excellent for managing excess stress, so long as the breathing is "Slow and Deep."  Eventually, learn how to coodinate the breath with the movement.
Yes, on the old YouTube version, this was called "Delivering Pizza," which I still prefer.  Traditionally this movement has been called "Dragon Swims or Plays in the Water and Flies in the Sky."  Another great exercise to maintain flexible joints and relieve stiffness.